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Your Handbook to Live betting Strategies

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Drive Research tells us that about 46% of American adults placed a sports wager in the past year, with 31% betting at least once weekly. While basketball was the top sport to bet on, live betting was the most popular bet type, chosen by 32% of punters. These are tell-tale signs of live betting’s popularity. 

It is easy to fall for live betting, whether you are a seasoned punter or someone new to sports betting. Imagine chasing real-time sports action while placing your wagers. The excitement of live-action is complemented by the anticipation of earning big. You can even adjust your wagers and strategies when the game is underway, and improve your chances and wagering experience. That’s where the live betting strategy kicks in. 

Has that piqued your curiosity? If yes, then read on and beef up your knowledge. We explore all things live betting, from what it is to the best live betting tips and more.     


Live Betting Explained: 

As the name says, live betting happens when the game is live. That is in sharp contrast to pre-game bets that happen before the game gets underway. Simply put, you watch the game in progress, weigh your chances, and place the wager on a given market. 

It is your chance to respond to the real-time opportunities that a game throws up. You just access the game’s current state and place the wager accordingly. Guess what? The odds change with the changing events in the game to spice things up for you.

Online sports betting sites offer instant betting options and odds in real-time to keep you informed and engaged. Conversely, offline bookmakers may lack the technological integration to pull off live betting smoothly. 

Call it in-play betting, in-game betting, or live betting, all mean the same.  

Let’s get a better grip on the topic with a brief comparison between pre-game bets and live bets. 


Pre-game Bets

Live Bets


Placed before the game starts   

Placed while the game is in progress

Odds adjustments

Fixed odds before the game begins

Odds change during the event

Decision information

Relies on pre-game analysis and statistics

Reacts to in-game developments and performance

Timing of decisions

Decisions made before the game starts  

Decisions made based on evolving game situations


Live Betting Markets

Live betting offers almost all bet types and markets available in pre-match betting. The only difference is their timing and live betting odds that evolve with the game. Punters even use live bets to make up for the losing pre-game bets. Here’s what to expect.  


Bet Type



Predict the game’s winner 

Point Spread

Bet on the margin of victory or defeat


Whether the total score is over or under a given number


Bet on a given outcome within the game

Player Performance

Wager on an individual player’s performance 


Place bets on the results of a given quarter or half 

Combo Bets

Club several bets into a single wager 

However, the bet types are subject to the sport and sportsbook you choose. It makes sense to go with Baazigar Sports, one of the best live betting sites. It spoils you for choice when it comes to bet types, alongside offering lucrative promotions, easy 24/7 withdrawals, friendly customer service, and a private and personalized experience. 

How Does Live Betting Work

Again, live betting mimics pre-game betting when it comes to execution. It is as simple as it gets, accomplishable in a few steps. Here is your step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Select a Sportsbook

The ball gets rolling when you create an account and make deposits on a betting site. You are better off opting for a licensed, reputable, and user-friendly site that offers a variety of sports and great signup bonuses and accepts deposits in your currency. 

Step 2: Hit the “Live Betting” Button

Once logged in, it is time to smash the “live betting” section where you'll find a list of ongoing events and available markets. Choose the game and market and access the odds for different outcomes.

Step 3: Place Your Bet

Upon weighing the odds and implied probabilities, enter the stake amount in the space provided and confirm the bet. When done, you can come back to the game and place another wager whenever an opportunity presents itself during the game. 


Unique Live Betting Strategies

Now that the ins and outs of live betting are over, let’s learn some unique live betting strategies that can help improve your awareness and chances, and minimize losses.

1: Don’t Skip the Live Action:

If possible, watch the game live. Assessing the events as they unfold allows you to quickly respond to the line changes and exploit the shifting odds. Remember, live betting is all about timing. Delays can mar your chances and winnings significantly. It makes sense to go with an offshore sports betting site that offers live streaming.    

2: Shift Your Bet:  

An underdog can pull off an upset any day. Suppose you placed a pre-game bet on the favorite but it seems to be losing. It is wise to anticipate the signs early and place a live bet on the underdog. It is one of the best live betting strategies for breaking even and cutting losses.  

3: Meddle with Middling

Imagine this. You wager on a team to win by a given number of points. However, things don’t pan out well and the sportsbook changes the odds as the game draws to an end. Now, you are free to place another bet to cover an unfavorable result. This live betting strategy has a name, middling. Herein, you draw on the changes in odds to maximize profits or at least minimize losses. Simply put, you place bets on both sides in anticipation of winning both bets. 

4: Arbing is the way to go

One unique thing about odds is that they vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. That’s where arbitrage betting or arbing kicks in, helping you turn a profit. The plan of action is simple. You open multiple accounts at different sportsbooks and wager on different markets. The combined odds guarantee you a profit, irrespective of the outcomes. 

5: Prefer a Desktop over a Smartphone

The more you shop for odds, the better your chances of turning a profit. That calls for line shopping. Just compare odds from different sportsbooks to find the best available line for a particular market. To this end, you need to keep multiple sportsbooks open, which is only possible on a desktop screen with a bigger real estate.  

6: Monitor Betting Trends: 

The rapidly changing live betting lines and the pressure to act quickly can make you impulsive. Since there isn’t much time to research, you often let your emotions override reason. That can lead to your undoing as a live bettor. You are better off monitoring betting trends, accessing the odds, and acting accordingly. Another way to deter impulsive betting is to set a budget, limit your bets, and avoid chasing losses.   



Live betting is more than just placing wagers randomly and expecting everything to fall in place. Rather, it is a science with certain dos and don’ts. We strongly recommend you implement live betting strategies to make the most of in-game betting. Bad days are a part of betting. Staying positive and progressive is the key to rewarding betting.  

FAQs - 

1: What is Live betting?

As the name suggests, live betting happens while the game is going on and you place your bets during that time. Here you get a chance to respond to the real-time opportunities that a game throws up. You just access the game’s current state and place the wager accordingly. It's interesting for sure and once you get the hang of it, there is no looking back.

2: How and why did live betting become so popular in recent times? 

The adrenaline rush bettors experience during live betting is next level. Being able to set strategies while the game is on rather than placing beforehand is different and that’s something bettors today enjoy. This excitement in the bettors has made live betting popular in recent times.

3: What are the markets available for live betting?

Just like pre-game betting, live betting also has different markets available. The only difference is their timing and live betting odds that evolve with the game. 

The market available includes - Moneyline, Point spread, Over/under, Prop, Player performance, quarter/haf bets and combo sets.

4: How does live betting work and what are the different steps involved in it?

Live betting is the same as pre-game betting when it comes to execution. The different steps included are - selecting the sportsbook, hit the live betting button, choosing an ongoing event and finally placing a bet.

5: What is middling?

In Middling, you draw on the changes in odds to maximize profits or at least minimize losses. Simply put, you place bets on both sides in anticipation of winning both bets. 

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