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A Step-by-Step Guide to Sports Betting for Beginners

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Sports betting could be a way to monetize your passion for sports. Just put up a bankroll, choose a sportsbook and a market, and place a bet. Who knows, you may end up raking it. Thanks to online betting sites, you don’t even need to venture into shady places to try out your luck.  

Sports betting can be rewarding even for starters. Even if you don’t believe in beginners’ luck, there is a lot to try, earn, and experience. As per the Morning Consult, 20% of Americans took up sports betting in 2021, a 15% upturn from the previous year. 

Think of sports betting as a skill. And, like all skills, there are tricks of the trade. Here is your rundown on how to get into sports betting with all the tips and tricks explained.  

How to Start Betting on Sports: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s first discuss the process that a punter has to follow to chase his dreams.

Step 1: 

Sports betting is all about money, make no mistake. Be it the sportsbook or the punter, everyone is in it to win it. That calls for putting up a bankroll to fund your wagering. 

Step 2: 

Once the bankroll is in place, it's time to select an online sportsbook. Among thousands of options out there, it pays to choose wisely even if it means plenty of research. 

Step 3: 

Log into your chosen sportsbook and sign up. To this end, you will be punching in some pertinent information about yourself, such as name, date of birth, location, and more.  

Step 4: 

Now, it's time for deposits. A sportsbook worth its salt offers secure payment options, alongside welcome bonuses and other perks to new joiners. 

Step 5: 

Once deposits are made, you need to opt for a suitable market and place wagers. However, starting small and keeping an eye on your bankroll always helps.  

Step 6: 

If you win, don’t forget to claim your winnings. Again, reputable betting sites like Baazigar Sports offer easy, 24/7 withdrawals, friendly customer service, and support.    

Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

With that, we conclude the first section of the “How to get into sports betting” guide. So, we can now shift our focus to a few time-honored sports betting tips for beginners. If mined properly, they can help you wheel in money, avoid risks, and take your sports betting experience to the next level. 

1: Research, Research & Research 

A rewarding wagering experience starts with research, no two ways about it. You need to dig deep into your chosen sport, applicable rules, markets, and everything that can keep you good to go. The involved teams, players, and venues should not go under the radar as well. You should know how a given team or a player performs against a given team at a given venue and under given conditions. All this will help you identify value, preempt the outcomes accurately, and manage your bankroll effectively. 

While the importance of research cannot be overstated, it boils down to where to research. Well, your best options include sportsbooks like Bazigar Sports, which offer statistics, match previews, historical data, and other valuable information. Sports news portals, team websites, and betting forums can also help you beef up your knowledge. 

2: Choose the Sportsbook Wisely:  

It always pays to choose your sportsbook wisely since much of your betting experience depends on the sportsbook you choose to wager at. A reputable sportsbook won’t run away with your deposits and winnings, and keep your pertinent information away from harm’s way. Also, it will offer the best odds, more markets to bet on, and great bonuses and promotions to help you bet long and win big. You should be able to approach the sportsbook’s customer care to resolve issues and seek help around the clock.    

When so much depends on how reliable and good your sportsbook is, it is wise to look for its licenses and registrations. Only licensed online betting sites can operate legally. If such key information is missing on the sportsbook’s website, it's a red flag. Also, look for reviews and testimonials from fellow punters before shortlisting the sportsbook. 

3: Shop for the Best Odds

Odds are to sports betting what ingredients are to cooking. Just like the dish depends on the ingredients used, your earnings depend on the odds you opt to bet with. For the uninitiated, odds represent the possibility of an outcome and the risks and rewards associated with a given wager. Guess what? Different sportsbooks offer different odds for the same event. You are better off going with the best odds since a minor difference can significantly increase or decrease your overall earnings. 

That makes a strong case for “line shopping.” Herein, you hop from one sportsbook to another in search of the best odds. Since the odds tell you how different bookmakers assess the possibility of a result, you can compare different odds and get hold of the implied probability. Simply put, it helps you judge whether the odds are worth the risk. Thanks to online platforms and tools, comparing different odds is a breeze. 

4: Start Small & Play Long  

How much to risk on a wager is as important as how to get into sports betting. New punters often risk too much too soon only to be stripped out of their bankroll. Mind you, successful bettors treat sports betting as a diversified portfolio. Though bad days and long-losing streaks are a fact of life, sports betting is more likely to offer returns over time. This calls for patience, adaptability, and efficient bankroll management. 

A flat betting approach is ideal for beginners. Suppose you start with a $100 bankroll. Ideally, you should limit your bet size to $2 per match unless some real value comes your way. Low bet sizes may limit your chances of minting it instantly but can prevent you from depleting your entire bankroll in a matter of few games. Just like a diversified portfolio, low bet sizes can increase returns and minimize risks in the long term.     

5: Favorite vs. Underdog

It’s always tempting to go for the team or player most likely to win a contest. They call it the “favorite.” However, the favorite may be a safe bet but not always the best bet. In sports, the underdog can pull off an upset on a given day. And, if you happen to wager on it on that particular day, a big payday comes your way. Unlike the favorite, the underdog comes with high odds and large payout potential. So, it makes sense to consider the underdog once in a while even if you are happy playing safe.        


So that was our take on how to get into sports betting. Remember, sports betting is for everyone, even beginners. Armed with proper strategies, beginners can gradually hone their skills, minimize risks, and maximize profits. It's all about choosing the right sport, sportsbook, and market, and staying pragmatic, positive, and patient. Mind you, bad days will be a part of your wagering journey, especially at the beginning.

FAQs - 

1: Any tips for beginners?

Yes, most importantly make your research game very strong. What can help you is, statistics, match previews, historical data, and other valuable information. Sports news portals, team websites, and betting forums can also help you beef up your knowledge. 

2: How do I know which sportsbook to choose?

Being wise while choosing the sportsbook is important. When choosing the sportsbook, make sure to look for licenses and registration. Not every sports betting portal is legal. Something that should be kept in mind is, while choosing the sportsbook remember that you should be able to approach the sportsbook’s customer care to resolve issues and seek help around the clock. If you are getting that, you are good to go.

3: Why is bankroll important in sports betting?

In sports betting, managing funds effectively is important. So when you are all set to get into the game of sports betting, it’s crucial for you to set aside some amount of money which is for wagering and that takes care of your financial control.

4: Are odds important in sports betting?

Yes, odds are quite important in sports betting. The reason why they are important is because they help you get insights into the risks and rewards of a bet that you are planning to place. With the help of odds, bettors can asses the chances of an outcome, calculate potential winning and accordingly make a decision regarding their betting budget 

5: Any withdrawing tips to claim our winnings?

Always look for apps/websites that offer 24*7 withdrawal service and has the best customer service. Remember to be careful while choosing the sportsbook making sure they are providing a secure withdrawal option.

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