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A Guide to Top 10 Betting Sites in India 2024

Featured image of Top 10 Betting Sites in India 2024

The Indian online betting industry has witnessed a massive change over the last few years. The potential in this market segment has given birth to a lot of online betting sites in India. Many International brands have also ventured into the Indian market trying their best to make their way to top betting sites in India.

Considering the competition in this industry, it’s difficult to say who is the best but we have curated a list of top betting sites in India. The list has been prepared after considering different factors which are crucial for bettors. Check out the list of online betting sites brought to you by baazigar sports. 

Since this industry has seen a huge revolution in the recent years, there has been a change in the way sports enthusiasts engage with their favourite events. To your surprise we would want to mention that there is a huge jump in the online betting industry because of the number of passionate sports enthusiasts who are going over and beyond to engage with the sports they like. 

The main reason behind this huge jump is the convenience offered by betting sites. Now bettors can conveniently place bets on sports like cricket, football, tennis etc. The bettors can engage in this activity from anywhere. If someone is sitting at home, they do not have to step out or get out of their comfort zone to engage in their favorite sports activity. This convenience and easy accessibility have made online betting sites a preferred choice for betting enthusiasts. 

When an individual engages in this activity, there are different parameters that should be considered to reduce the chances of making mistakes and taking the right decision. First and foremost, the bettor should see the unique features and what is that betting platform offering that isn’t available on other sites and how will that be of any help to them. 

To make your job easier, we have few parameters for you which can help you make a right choice and decide the best betting sites in India that you would want to explore. So, when evaluating the best site for yourself, please consider the following-

  1. Interface - A user friendly interface can do wonders and give you the best experience and help you enjoy what you love. In this case we are talking about placing bets. When it’s easier for an individual to access the site, this factor can give an online betting site the brownie points from the sports enthusiasts. If you have chosen the betting site which has a seamless interface, providing easy navigation facility, few simple steps for registration and a prompt customer sport, you have made the right choice and we are sure you have chosen the best betting site. 
  1. Safety & Security- While indulging in such online activities, it’s important for an individual to be cautious with their personal and financial information. Having said that the top betting sites in India employ the robust security measure that protects all your important information. When deciding the best betting sites in India, the platform has to have all the safety and security measures in place.
  1. Odds and betting options - Providing competitive odds and wide range of betting options including the live betting has become quite important for all the betting sites in India, in order to be a preferred betting option for the bettors.. 
  1. Offers - To attract sports enthusiasts it’s important for a website to give them the best betting experience. Not just that , but providing different offers like bonuses, welcome bonus and other exciting offers can be beneficial for the betting sites and it is observed that all the top betting sites in India offer this to the bettors. 

These were few parameters for you to analyse and compare when placing bets on any site. Other key factors include customer support, payment options and live streaming. The online betting sites which can tick off all these or maximum parameters, is the one that you should choose. 


Now that you know how to compare and take a decision as to which betting site would you want to choose, let’s move to the next step and deep dive into the top 10 betting sites in India, 2023


Baazigar sports is one of the top online betting sites in India for a reason. On this site, you’ll find a lot of betting options for different sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball and more. This platform is known to offer niche sports and prop bets. Baazigar Sports is known for offering competitive odds on a variety of markets and sports This platform offers competitive odds on local indian events and sports.

What makes baazigar sports one of the preferred online betting site is its easy to navigate interface even for new bettors. Yet another most popular feature at Baazigar sports is the variety of payment options it offers which includes UPI, Netbanking and Paytm. Because of this, it makes bettor’s lives easy and convenient, helping them deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.

The variety of promotional offers available at Baazigar sports are welcome bonus, reload bonus and free bets. Such offers can increase bettor’s chances of winning and also boost their bankrolls.

Baazigar Sports is one of the best betting sites in India for every Indian bettor who is looking for a range of betting options, competitive odds and user friendly interface. Some more betting options available at Baazigar Sports are Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Badminton


Betway India:

At Betway India, there are a lot of market and sports options available for bettors to bet on which includes cricket, football, basketball, tennis etc. This platform also offers some niche sports like badminton and kabaddi. There is an option available on betway india for live betting and streaming for different sports. This makes bettors watch the sports live and also place bets while they are watching it. 

Different promotional offers available at Betway India includes welcome bonus, reload bonus and free bets. Such offers can increase bettor’s chances of winning and also boost their bankrolls.

Another feature at Betway India is the variety of payment options it offers. The payment options available are UPI, Netbanking and Paytm. Because of this, it makes bettor’s lives easy and convenient, helping them deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.



10Cric is one of the cricket-focused betting platforms preferred by cricket enthusiasts. Having said that, it also provides options for other sports. This is a more than two decades old brand and has some great loyal and repeat customers. Along with cricket betting, 10cric also offers other sports like football, tennis and basketball.You’ll also find other sports like badminton and kabaddi on this platform.

Apart from this, you’ll find different promotional offers and payment options on 10 cric just like other platforms.



Leo Vegas is one of the top online betting sites in India as it provides the best betting experience to the sports enthusiasts. This platform has a user friendly interface and a mobile app which makes bettors life easy. Just like any other betting platforms it has option of various sports and events.

The number of sports available, competitive odds and the wide range of features available on this platform makes it one of the best betting sites in india. The sports enthusiasts who have experiences betting on different platforms say that there are few reason which makes this platform stand out from the competitors. The reasons are its commitment to responsible gambling, safe and secure payment, the features that have the power to make betting experience better. LeoVegas lets bettors place bets on live events and a variety of sports available are cricket, football, tennis etc,



1x Bet is quite famous amongst the sports enthusiasts for the number of betting options it has on its site. Another reason that makes this online betting site popular is the sportsbook covering different national and international events. The promotional offers, bonuses, competitive odds and a variety of sports makes this website the preferred one. Along with sports betting, 1x bet also has casino games and some more exciting online activities for the sports enthusiasts.

Even though there are number of sports options available on the site, the user friendly interface and the dedicated mobile app makes it easy for bettors to switch between different sports and market.

Live streaming, safe and secure payment, wide variety of sports brings this platform among the top 10 betting sites in India. Even though 1x bet has been in the market for the long but it has continuously evolved and upgraded itself as per the market trends attracting new bettors and making sure the existing ones stay loyal.



Anyone who is in the betting industry knows about Unibet as a reputable and responsible online betting site in india. The website has variety of sports betting option for the bettors. This platform has attracted lot of indians because of its userfriendly interface and reliability option, as mentioned above.. The website is said to enhance the betting experience for the sports enthusiasts with the variety of sports options, competitive odds and different features available, making it one of the best betting sites in India.

Other factors responsible for making this platform likeable are - transparency, safe and secure payment option available on the site. Not just this but the number of sports and events covered on the website makes this a platform a preferred one. Indian bettors love the seamless experience on this site. These factors make Unibet one of the top betting sites in India.

Just like other platforms this site also has a wide variety of sports, live betting and exciting promotional offers for  new and the existing users. Whether you are a new bettor or an existing one, you are sure to enjoy your betting experience on this site because of its innovative approach. 



Best 365 is one of the most established online betting sites in India. What sets this platform apart from its competitors is the reliability factor and a huge market coverage. The platform is popular in India for the user friendly interface, competitive odds, in-play betting and a reliable betting environment it offers to the sports enthusiasts. These factors makes it one of the top betting sites in India.

Bet 365 is a global platform with lot of Indian users too. The users in India have access to different sports like cricket, football, tennis etc. Other features available for bettors are live streaming and cash out feature. Despite being a global platform, this site has features and technology as per the need of the indian market which has attracted a lot of indian users. The exciting promotional offers and a user friendly mobile app never fails to impress the bettors on this site.





22Bet is one of the most preferred online betting sites by Indian users as it takes care of the preferences of the Indian bettors. This site never fails to make the betting experience of the sports enthusiasts the best one with the wide range of sports and betting options, user friendly interface, competitive odds and variety of features. The site has a safe and secure payments option, something that every bettor wants while placing bets. You’ll also find live streaming options here and a variety of sports like cricket, football, kabaddi etc.

This site has constantly been in the list of the the top 10 betting sites in india because of continuous evolution and innovation. The promotional offers to the loyal customers, welcome bonus to the new ones proves that it gives equal attention to the new and existing users. So, whether you are new to betting or an experienced bettor, you should definitely check out this site.



Casumo is said to have a gamified approach which differentiates it from the competitors. If you are an experienced bettor, we are sure you would have tried this atleast once or atleast heard of it from the sports enthusiasts and if you are a beginners in this industry, you must try casumo once for the experience it offers. 

As the name suggests, casumo offers a blend of sports and casino games on its site. This site is considered as one of the top betting sites in India because of its emphasis on user experience. This site has broader gaming options and it operates as one of the holistic online betting sites, it has very seamlessly integrated sports betting.

Even though this site is not a traditional sports betting platform, it has modified itself in such a way that it can cater to the indian market with the fresh and innovative approach which makes it an exciting option for indian bettors.



Parimatch is a match made in heaven for Indian sports enthusiasts as it takes care of their preferences like no one else. The website is known to offer a variety of sports and betting options to the new and existing bettors. 

This platform focuses on its technology to give its user a memorable experience. The site has a user friendly interface making it easier for the users to place bets on the sports of their choice. Parimatch is considered as one of the best betting sites in India as it stands out in terms of the features, safe and secure betting experience as well as payment option.

All the websites mentioned above are well established in the Indian market but if you are someone who loves to explore new sites. Here are few new betting sites in india that you must try -

- PureWin

- Fun88

- Betobet

- Rizk

With a growing passion for cricket, football, kabaddi, and more, the demand for accessible and exciting online betting experiences has never been higher, and this positions India as a thriving hub of sports enthusiasts supporting the dynamic evolution of online betting. If we look at 2023 alone, the options of platforms falling in this realm are vast and diverse, catering to different tastes and preferences.

In today’s world, it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned bettor or just a starter trying to explore the world of online betting. With an overwhelming array of choices, you are definitely in for an exciting journey where you could find a platform that suits your preferences. 

The online betting sites in India have something in store for everyone. But before you take the plunge, don’t forget to consider factors like user experience, security, odds, betting options, and promotions when making your decision.

For a comprehensive betting experience and access to a diverse range of sports and markets, visit Enjoy the thrill of online betting while keeping in mind responsible betting practices, Happy betting in 2023!




Question: What are the different parameters to be kept in mind while choosing an online betting site?

Answer: It’s important for any sports enthusiast, be it a beginner or an expert to consider the following before choosing the online betting site- user interface, user reviews, payment options, odds quality etc.


Question: What should I do to keep my personal and financial information safe and secure while placing bets on online sites?

Answer: There are many online betting sites which keeps your personal and financial information safe with robust privacy policy, secure encryption protocol and two factor authentication. Make sure to look for this factor before choosing the site you want to opt for.


Question: Which are the different sports covered on online betting sites in india?

Answer: Some of the best online betting sites in India like baazigarsports offer sports like cricket, tennis, football etc.


Question: How trustworthy are the odds and payments which are provided by some of the new betting sites?

Answer: Established betting sites like baazigar sports are trustworthy and you can be sure of the odds and payment options available on the site.


Question: Do online betting sites offer promotional offers to the new or existing users?

Answer: Yes, there are websites which offer some really exciting offers like welcome bonus to the new users. Not just this, there are some great offers for existing users as well.


Question: Do online betting sites have options like live streaming or in play betting options?

Answer: Considering the current scenario and the preferences of the sports enthusiasts, there are many online betting sites which have options for live streaming and in play betting which enhances the experience of the bettors.


Question: Do online betting sites have their mobile app too?

Answer: Yes, there are a lot of online betting sites which have their dedicated mobile app making user experience better and convenient.

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